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Why you should join Uzers community

We're becoming a huge all-in-one place mainly for designers but also developers, startup founders and marketers. You can literally get feedback from hundreds of people, exchange knowledge, find inspiration and be up to date with latest news from industry.

Design news

Curated source of knowledge from around the web. If you are tired of chasing hundreds of blogs but want to stay up to date - just follow us.

Tools & Resources

Your skillset is your weapon. It's tough to compare and pick best tools for each stage of project creation so we're making it easy for you and speed-up your workflow.


In version 2.0 we focused on providing places where you, as a designer, can look for a freelance or full-time job (including remote).

Case studies

Only high-quality projects divided into few sections to introduce the concept (or problem) and solutions tested during the process.


There was a lack of interesting talks with less-known designers. We'll be publishing interviews with juniors, mid, seniors, freelancers or remote workers and share their secrets.


All community members can be a part of our showcase. Share a case study or sign up for an interview and you will be promoted by our team.


Collections of articles, books and blogs related to design, user experience and business helping you grow.


Courses, tutorials and other interesting content from video creators. Both free and paid stuff.


If you are a busy person this might be really helpful - podcasts which you can listen on the go while doing your work.

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Exclusive Slack group

Our community brings together creative people from around the world to share their stories, discuss the latest news, get detailed feedback, find job offers or freelance gigs as well as collaborate on innovative projects.

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